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An Aquamarine's story

When I was in middle school I was bullied…a lot. I was bullied all through 6th grade. Nobody helped me or stopped it. I was bullied in 7th grade until I started being aggressive. I had a lot of friends but none of them were willing to help me through it. I basically was in the guidance office everyday crying.

In 8th grade I developed thicker skin. I didn’t take anything from anybody. I was fighting with teachers, classmates, people who were supposed to be my friends, you name it. I never had someone have my back. It was always me against everyone else… until 9th grade.

This senior came into my homeroom class and told us about how GEM was a program for girls only and you bonded with these girls as if y’all were family. The GEM senior told us that GEM looks great on college applications and you can receive scholarships for college when you graduate, which would be great. I needed friends who were like family so I decided to sign up. My technology teacher and science teacher had already nominated me for GEM.

I auditioned with a whole bunch of girls who I had never talked to. I was accepted and met different girls. My group is the Aquamarines. I instantly clicked with half of the group, but I didn’t really get along with the other half. However, over time we all became close.

GEM is an opportunity for people to have family. The girls in my group are my sisters. They are there when I need them. If I cry, they dry my tears. They are the best thing that has happened to me in a long time… And that’s the truth.