Taylor's story

I joined GEM because I heard that it would be a good experience and it opens up good opportunity for girls. I’m actually glad that I decided to join GEM because it showed me that I can go after what I want and actually succeed in it.

The best thing that I really learned about GEM is that it brings you close to girls that you didn’t even notice in class or school until we actually joined GEM. It brings out the best in you as well. It also helped me deal with other people and learn that people I don’t really like I can still respect enough to talk to them or work things out.

I think that GEM will help me with college because it will look good on my application and GEM will help me choose my college classes. I will definitely keep in touch with all my GEM sisters, even the ones that are gone, because I have formed a close relationship with all my GEM sisters. I always have a good time when my Aquamarines and I are together because we have a really close bond. The best retreat that we went one was probably all of them because we always have a good time and we bring the best out of one another.