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Sharde's story

I joined GEM because I heard great things about it. A young lady came into my classroom and was telling the class about GEM and its great opportunities. She told the class how GEM goes on trips and how it helps you with college. I need extra help with college!

When I joined GEM I bonded with each and every girl in my group, the Aquamarines. We went on different and very fun retreats. We tried new things such as sleeping on a boat! We created bonds that no one can break. We did workshops that prepared us for the real world. GEM helped me get out of my comfort zone by leaving home on the weekend, staying out with my leaders and GEM sisters, and by doing things I never did before. It’s also helping me with my dreams by helping me think outside of the box about what I want to do in life.

GEM will help me with my future and college. It will help me to keep in touch with my GEM sisters and be comfortable with doing new things since GEM helped me get out of my comfort zone. GEM is great for everything and GEM lets me know that I always will have someone there for me no matter what.