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Chasidy's story

Before I was accepted into GEM I would hardly ever leave the house because I didn’t have enough friends around. But once I was accepted into GEM I had something to look forward to besides school and sports. When I joined I didn’t really talk to any of the GEM girls besides for a few friends, but now I feel that I’m starting to talk to everyone. I always look forward to our GEM meetings and get-aways. They are always fun whether they are for knowledge or just for fun! It has kept my mind off my family issues and helped cheered me up. I believe that GEM is a good opportunity because you get the chance to try new things which can turn into new favorite foods or hobbies. I loved when we went zip lining over a man-made lake; I was the first to go! I hope that GEM will help me with life ahead. I’m very thankful for the teachers who have chosen me to try this program. I’m also very thankful for our GEM leaders!